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The company was founded in 2010,and announced its public listing in September 2015 in Qilu equity trading center. Our Company specializs in CNC gantry drillingmachine and milling machine, CNC equipment. Products are widely used in national defense, aviation, automobile, agricultural machinery, electrical appliances

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Hongxiang Machine Tool is one of the top level China manipulator suppliers and manufacturers, with professional factory we are able to offer you good products made in China and Weifang manipulator, cnc mini lathe, used cnc milling machine, used vertical machine center, high pressure casting machine at good price. Welcome to buy products for sale from us.


Strap drilling industry is a traditional industry in China is becoming more and more, but tend to be technical reasons; production plant is mainly dominated by manpower and semi-automatic drilling technology, efficiency, and accuracy is generally not very high. In 2007, Dongguan aoke company introducing a large number of high-tech talent and technology;
Drill pointed is by two a narrow long of first drill pointed surface and the two a is triangle hook-like of second drill pointed surface by constitute of, this four will suitable for drill pointed points, in Central joined at formed two article short edged called cross edged (Chisel edge), is first touch touch plate of at, this cross edged in pressure and the rotating Xia that first positioning and drill into stack in the, first pointed surface of two outside side the has a highlight of square with tablets
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